Your Stories

“You can do it!”

Nickname: – Jael
Your Age: – 17
City: – 
State/Country (if outside U.S.): – Pa
Sport/Activity: – Soccer
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In September 2010 I was playing in a Labor day tournament. It was still pre- season for my High school team, but as a sophomore I was already starting. It was the second game of the tournament and I was playing defense. A girl was coming with the ball and I went in to take it when another girl on my team came from my left side and took us all out. She hit the side of my left knee. I quickly got up, but I noticed that my knee felt really weird. Coach didn’t see me flagging him so I just kept playing. My knee started to feel better, but just then a girl ran by with the ball. I began sprinting after her. I had almost caught her when suddenly my left knee just collapsed. It hurt really bad, so I just laid there. My couches and the trainer came out and helped me off the field. After describing to the trainer what I was feeling he said that it could be my ACL. So, I sat out the rest of the tournament and I saw our trainer the next practice. He also thought it was ligament so he sent me to a physical therapist/Athletic Trainer. He thought it could be my ACL too. WE made an appointment to see an orthopedic Dr. and after an MRI, they found that I had completely torn my ACL and some of my Meniscus. After some Physical Therapy I had surgery, about a month after my injury. I too was searching the internet looking for some idea of what to expect and there was not much. My Dr. used my patellar tendon to fix it. I was able to walk with crutches the day of surgery. Two days after surgery I started PT. It was extremely painful at times, but my Physical therapists were really great I helping me. One of my PT’s was a soccer coach and had torn his ACL as well. So after 6 months I returned to soccer. Things were going well until our memorial tournament. I was kicking a ball with my right foot and I brought my foot back down really quickly. I don’t remember how exactly I fell but I ended up on the ground and it hurt. I am told that I landed with my knee out. So my coach and a EMT ! came out.. I lied there just calmed myself down. I was thinking “ oh no not again”. They pulled me up and I told them I could walk by myself. So I walked off the field. My knee did not feel unstable and it felt completely different then last time. It hurt more on the outside. I sat out the rest of that game and my friend texted our High School trainer. He eventually came out. I explained what happened and he did a bunch of tests on it. They all hurt just on the outside. He gave me ice and said that he thought it was a lateral ligament sprain. He told me that I should see my physical therapist. So I sat out the rest of the tournament. My therapist also thought it was a lateral ligament sprain. I did not end up playing for the rest of the season (2 games). I checked in with my PT’s every week, and as the summer went on they thought it was more of a meniscus injury. Then in July I was supposed to go to a soccer camp. He said to go to the camp with no restrictions but to stop if it hurt at all and to bring their number just in case. So I went to camp and was doing pretty good, only a few little pains. On the second day I was playing the evening game and I was chasing a ball on defense. I was running down the line toward our goal to turn it and when I did, I pivoted hard of my right leg. I felt a pop and it HURT so I quickly sat down. I laid back and was trying to calm my self down. My coaches came out and I told them not to touch me and to let me calm myself down. I rolled on my stomach and was about to get up and my coach said to just relax and take it easy. Eventually I scooted off the field and the trainer came over. My coach said she heard a pop too and that the other coach said that she had heard a pop. The trainer examined it and said it looked like more meniscus. She asked about my previous injury. I did not play for the rest of camp. When I got back I saw my therapist and he said that I should see a DR. So I scheduled an appointment about a week later. When I saw him, he messed around with m! y knee mov! ing it different ways. He said that because my legs were so strong he could not do the regular tests that he usually did, so he did some special ones, but he still was not sure. I got an x-ray, which didn’t show anything. So he said that he wanted me to get an MRI. I did the following day, Tuesday, (my birthday) and had and scheduled an appointment for the following Monday. I filled out this paper that my therapist gave me so that they would get the results too. Since soccer started on Monday we asked if they could call us with the results. SO I had my MRI and then the next day they called and told me that I had torn my other ACL and some meniscus. I was devastated!!! But I decided to play my Junior year with a brace and have surgery later. Then in January of 2012 I had my second surgery. This time the Dr. used a cadaver. Before surgery he told me that he would mix my ACL and maybe trim meniscus, but that I could walk that day. But when I woke up form surgery they told me that my meniscus was pretty bad and that they had repaired it which meant that I could not walk for 6 weeks. This rehabs was different and after surgery was more painful. Rehab was slower due to the meniscus. After being discharged from PT at 4 months my Dr. wanted me to do an athletic enhancement program to my knee stronger. I did and my Dr. barley cleared me in time for soccer. So I played my senior season, but reinjured my meniscus on senior night. But after some rest I was able to play the rest of the season. Through all of this I have learned so much!! I want you all to know that you can do it!! It might be hard but if you put your mind to it you will get through it!

“Hoping that this will only make me stronger”

Nickname: – Z.C.
Your Age: – 15
City: – 
State/Country (if outside U.S.): – Canada
Sport/Activity: – Rugby
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Last week, I was playing a tournament game for my high school rugby team. We were playing another local team that didn’t have the rankings that we do, and we went in with the mindset that it would be easy. About ten minutes in, their star player had a huge breakaway, and I was the only player in position to stop her. I took off running but my knee moved the wrong way and I heard a pop and I went down. It was excruciating but after my coach came over to check on me, I stood up and stayed in the game. There was no one else at the game trained in my position and I didn’t want to let my team down. BIGGEST MISTAKE. I started to pick up a light jog and my leg completely gave out on me again. I couldn’t stand, I had to be carried off the field. After appointments with doctors, they’ve told me that I’ve tore my ACL, and we’re still waiting on the MRI to see if there’s any other damage. They’ve told me that surgery is needed. You’d think that in a sport like rugby my injury would be inflicted by someone else, but it could have happened running up the street. That team ended up beating us 36-0. I had scouts for the provincial team coming to look at me the next day. Hoping that this will only make me stronger.

“Don’t give up!”

Nickname: – Cam Dolan
Your Age: – 23
City: – Atlanta
State/Country (if outside U.S.): – Georgia
Sport/Activity: – Rugby
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While captaining the USA selects at the American Rugby Championships, I had an unfortunate event happen to me in the second match against Canada. We were down 10-3 with just under 30 minutes left in the match when I made a corner flagging tackle. During a tackle on the sideline, I lifted an attacker and threw him into touch. Unfortunately during this tackle, my foot stuck deep in the turf and my knee twisted. It was not painful by any means, and I did not hear any sort of pop. The doc came over to check me out, and didn’t know at the time what had happened. So, I stood up and jogged back to the bench. That night, there was no swelling and virtually no pain. The following day I had an MRI and the results were pretty clear. A torn ACL with no cartilage damage in my right knee. This was heart breaking at the time as I was at the top of my game and the fittest and strongest I had ever been. I returned to Atlanta a few days later after the tournament concluded had an appointment with my orthopedic surgeon that day. Surgery was scheduled for the following Monday where he would repair my ACL using a patella tendon graft. The first few days were fairly painful, especially while trying to some initial range of motion back. From there I set up a 6 month rehab protocol for myself and worked my tail off 3-4 times a week. I am now 6 months to the day out of surgery, and playing my first game back against the West Point Academy (ARMY). I wish all of my fellow athletes succes in their rehabilitation. If I could say one thing, that is, don’t give up and don’t get your hopes up. Use this time to learn how to prevent these types of injuries, and study your sport from a student of the game standpoint.

“A minor set back for a major comeback”

Nickname: – Court
Your Age: – 16
City: – Brisbane
State/Country (if outside U.S.): – Australia
Sport/Activity: – Oztag
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I don’t really remember too much the afternoon I ruptured my ACL. What I do remember is that I was chasing after a guy who had the ball, I went to change direction and I heard a pop/crack. Long story short I was told I’d totally ruptured my ACL; I had nothing left. The news shattered me, I couldn’t imagine not playing sport for 9 months. I went into surgery with a positive attitude thinking I’d be able to do this easily and the time would fly past. Just after a few days post op I felt like already giving up. I was in pain and already getting frustrated at myself because I couldn’t do simple things with my leg. I was lucky to have such a caring surgeon and physiotherapist – they kept me going. There have been so many times I’ve felt like giving up but I’ve pushed through and got the results I wanted. I’m now 4 months post op and have started riding a bike and will soon start running. I couldn’t be more excited! I am so grateful to everyone who has helped me through this rough patch, without them I would have never persevered. “A minor set back for a major comeback” Just 5 more months until I’m back on that field doing what I love!

“Dancing is my passion”

Nickname: – E.N
Your Age: – 17
City: – Houston 
State/Country (if outside U.S.): – Texas 
Sport/Activity: – Dance/Drill Team
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So just recently on Saturday I had my spring show I was dancing & did a toe touch and then ended up landing wrong & twisted my right leg inward. I didn’t hear any snap or any noise coming from my knee because the music was so loud, all I felt was agonisizing pain. After that they carried me backstage & said “I’m going to be fine don’t worry about me, I will keep dancing” I tought I was ok sense I was able to walk afterwards so I continued to dance & now regret it because I could have possibly torn a ligament or an ACL. I already wen to an ortapedic specialist & he told me that I need to go get an MRI to see how bad I damaged my knee so now im just waiting for them to call me so I can go get an MRI. I’m really nervous though, the worst thing would be if they told me I would need to get surgery. I really don’t like surgery or just hospitals in general. Dancing is my passion & in hoping I will be able to continue with dancing.


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