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“I think in the long run I’ll come back stronger then I was before…”

Nickname: – Sandra D
Your Age: – 15
City: –
State/Country (if outside U.S.): – Alaska
Sport/Activity: – Basketball
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I completely snapped my ACL and had a slight tear in my right meniscus… Sports has always been my thing, when I was little it was just a hobby but as I got older it became my outlet and my identity. Coming into my freshmen year I made varsity volleyball I had a great season and our team won regions and went on to compete at state. As fun as volleyball is, I was eagerly awaiting basketball season! I love basketball, every single part of it. From swishing a free throw to the feeling of dying after sprints I spend every day looking forward to my time in the gym. I started my season off being a varsity starter and getting on all tourney team at my first tournament. Even though my team was very horrible and we barely won any games, I loved every second. Ever since watching a girl tear her knee out and lay on the ground screaming in 8th grade, hurting my knee has been one of my biggest fears. One practice a couple weeks before regions we were playing against the alumni. I really wanted to impress them and they tried to throw a pass from the point to my man under the basket. Coming off a screen I was off balance and I jumped to try and get the steal. I think I touched it but all I remember is my knee buckling and feeling a horrible pop. I was freaking out. I knew the pop was bad and all I could say was it popped, it popped while I was laying on the ground desperately holding my knee. We have a saying at my school, when you have to get “the chair” meaning rolled off the court in the gym office chair, it’s serious. So when I had to get rolled off I broke down and started to cry. I kind of held it together until after the scrimmage was done and all my teammates gathered around and started to try and be encouraging like, “just imagine the moves you’ll be out there doing tomorrow” and that’s when I totally lost it. I was sobbing like a crazy person. They all kind of backed away after that and I got it together enough to call my mom and tell her what happened. She came and we made an appointment. It was a week before I could see the doctor and another before I could g! et my MRI, so about 3 weeks later he told me the news, I had snapped my ACL and had minor tears in my meniscus with a nasty bone contusion. He told me 6-9 months to be back to play. I felt like I was going to throw up. I cried the whole way to school then cried through most of first period before my coach made me pull myself together and go to class. I live in a small town so my parents decided to fly me to Seattle to get surgery at Swedish Hospital, where they do ACL repairs on young athletes all the time. The day before my surgery I went in for pre op and met my doctor for the first time. He shocked me by saying I had to have 0-120 degrees ROM before he would operate. He also said that he does a 9-12 month recovery and won’t clear his patient before 9 months as it takes 12 for the ACL to be 100% recovered. He recommended we push back the surgery but I insisted I would get my ROM by the next day. The whole rest of the day and into the night I slowly and painfully achieved that goal. The next day I went and got my surgery. Total ACL reconstruction using my hamstring and a menisectomy (cutting out the tear in my meniscus, thankfully it was minor) the surgery went great. The doctors at Swedish are awesome and I recommend them to anyone. I was off crutches in 6 days and started physical therapy 8 days post op. I had to wear a brace for 6 weeks and had to learn to walk normal again. By then I was definetely feeling the crushing depression of not being able to run and sweat and participate. The first 2 months were really rough and I had a really hard time forcing myself to work on my physical therapy. Also in the midst of all this I started to put on weight from lack of being able to exercise. I have never been confident about my body and this wasn’t helping. Once I was able to do cardio and do a decently hard workout, it was better. I still didn’t really have the drive to push myself and do my exercises, I was in a pretty deep depression. The turning point was starting to work out with my former 8th grade h! ooptime (! club ball) coach and role model. She is 25 and used to take my to the gym to learn post moves and shoot and stuff. The first workout I did with her was a total smack down. I did what I normally did and she was like great, so 4 more sets? I didn’t want to seem like a wimp and the next day I was so sore, but I felt great! I found that drive inside me as my body remembered what it was like to work towards a goal. I set little goals and slowly I achieved them. I got stronger and we increased our weights and upped the number of sets. We go to the gym together most days and if she is gone she leaves work outs for me to do. I had my 4 month post op appointment a couple weeks ago and my doctor was impressed! He said my ACL felt really stable and I was definetely on track to be back in 9 months. I feel great now and I should be able to run in a little over a month. My leg feels like a normal leg and I do killer bike and elliptical workouts. It is a hard adjustment because I used to have really great thin runners leg, and now i have some cellulite and my thighs rub, but my legs have never been stronger and I have learned to be patient. I know once I can run I’ll lose the cellulite. I also know that I will continue to lift and add a variety to my workouts. I have a great confidence at the gym now and I know how to use the equipment correctly. I think in the long run I’ll come back stronger then I was before, and a better player because I have now had the time to sit and watch. I have learned so much and I will have much more court awareness coming back. I still have a long way to go and I have tough days and weeks. But I have such amazing support from my bball family and my real family, and i know I can go to them to talk it out so I don’t get buried in that depression again. I hope this story helps someone who is in the place I was, and pleas don’t hesitate to comment if it does or you have some tips!

“I went and played…”

Nickname: – P-Nut
Your Age: – 15
City: – Summerfield
State/Country (if outside U.S.): – Florida
Sport/Activity: – Co-Ed Soccer
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I was playing right forward. My center forward crossed the ball to me and I planted my cleat for a shot, and my cleat stayed grounded. My knee snapped and I went down and couldn’t move my leg. I was in a fetal position screaming and crying. I was taken off the field by a golf cart and taken to the nearest ER by ambulance. They took x rays and nothing. They said that it is a bad sprain and I was on crutches for 2 days. I then requested a MRI but it was denied. I went through physical therapy and was cleared to play again… we didn’t know that I had a torn ACL and torn meniscus. I went and played… nothing happened until I was slide tackled and I went down screaming and couldn’t move. We then requested a MRI again and it was approved. They did thr MRI and it was a torn ACL and torn meniscus. I then was scheduled for surgery February 12th, and I will be 4 months post op June 12th. I have a CTi ACL brace and am lightly practicing soccer again. I will be fully healed August 12th.

“I hope stuff gets better…”

Nickname: – JohannaWR
Your Age: – 25
City: – Stockholm
State/Country (if outside U.S.): – Sweden
Sport/Activity: – American Football
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My heart explodes when I think of how much I will miss this season.. Hi everyone, I am an american football player that started last year. I came into this sport and never left. I fell in love with it right away. I came to every practice, trained outside practice, went to the gym several times/week. I want to be the best. I received the Rookie of the year in the league and was nominate for best Wide receiver, and during offseason I trained so hard for this year. I have played 3 games this season, and last sunday during the game the worst thing happened. I ran a slant in the middle and caught the ball, and one player came behind me and pulled me backwards at the same time as my foot got stuck, and another played came and tackled me from the other side. I twisted my knee. But it didn’t hurt that much so I stood up and went off the field. I sprinted a couple of times at the sideline, and unfortunately I went back in (whyy) bc I could jog in, and kicked the ball after the field goal for extra point. As soon as I kicked the ball I fell and I felt that something went off. I went to the doctors right away when I came home, and right now I’m waiting for MRI answers, but the doctor is sure the its the ACL and MCL and maybe meniscus. I was going to play the European Championship this summer and the Champions leauge. I will also miss the gold we probably will win in the Swedish National Championship this yea. ATM, it feels like my hearts exploding. I’m so sad, but I understand this stuff happens sooner or later in this sport. I will do my best to recover and fulfill the rehab to make it possible for me to come back stronger. I know I will make it. But that I don’t will be able to play with my best friends and represent my country in the European Championship sucks so much. I’m going to miss to play so much. I didn’t think I could be this sad and cry this much at 25 years old, but I feel like I’m 5 years old again. I hope stuff gets better…

“I can see how grateful I really am for the sport.”

Nickname: – Erin
Your Age: – 15
City: – 
State/Country (if outside U.S.): – Illinois 
Sport/Activity: – Soccer
Tell Your Story / Post a Follow Up: –
As a goalkeeper, you see yourself different from field players in soccer. You know how often knee injuries can happen but I’ve never really heard of a goalkeeper getting a major knee injury until the day it happened to me. The other team had a breakaway towards our box so I came out of the box to the ball. I took a crooked step and my knee popped. I remember my teammate who had described her ACL tear as a loud pop and that is what I heard. I knew what I was in for after that moment. I’m almost a month post surgery and all i can think about is missing my weekly workouts and tryouts for state, regional, and/or the national teams. I feel like no one understands me but that’s not shocking because my family hasn’t had any knee problems. I can’t wait until I can start real workouts and not just leg lifts and trying to bend my knee past 100 degrees. I’m definitely not planning on quitting soccer and now that this experience has hit me I can see how grateful I really am for the sport

“You never know how much you love something until it’s taken from you…”

Nickname: – KMD
Your Age: – 17
City: – Greensboro
State/Country (if outside U.S.): – North carolina
Sport/Activity: – Soccer
Tell Your Story / Post a Follow Up: –
I’ve played soccer my entire life and have been known to always catch the eye of coaches, players, and parents. Early May I had my tryouts for my last year of club season since I will be a senior this year. As we were just scrimmaging for fun with the girls I’ve grown up with I was headed to goal and jumped over the ball as a defender was tackling when I heard the pop and was on the ground. I wasn’t in pain and there was no swelling so everyone thought I was fine. After several doctor visits and later an MRI I was put to tears that I had a complete tear of my acl. you never know how much you love something until it’s taken from you. I’ve never been so frustrated that I can’t play in my last club season and terrified I won’t be able to play like I used to and with the confidence and speed I once had. I’ve managed to cry whenever the World Cup comes on because of how envious I am of those women playing. I’m 2 weeks post op and on a journey to getting back to being the competitive player everyone and myself know I am.


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